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The forums future - Sunsettommy - 10-25-23

The forum isn't going anywhere and with the unfortunate serious health problem with the only other person who cared to help run the website and post a lot in the forum indicates to me that I should not renew the Server host payment that will be due in about 5 months.

Thus, the forum is now on a 5-month clock to oblivion unless more people who are already here and new members comes along to generate a credible traffic run will cause me to reconsider otherwise it will vanish by March-April 2024.



RE: The forums future - Sunsettommy - 03-08-24

Hello Guests and Members,

It is nearing the time to consider this forum future in whether I should continue it another 6 months or shut it down or a third alternative.

This was originally supposed to be a Climate only forum which I never expected to get much traffic or members at all, but it was going to be mainly my own personal project not being dependent on it thus might go back to my original purpose which means deleting the Political Arena category completely and downsize the Administrator Category which would shrink the forum by 50%

It appears from my 25 years experiences that most people are not interested in well moderated forums because they wanted to be able to scream and insult each other and avoid real debate/discussion of the issues which this forum would prevent from developing a reality many Americans don't seem to care about.

RE: The forums future - Sunsettommy - 04-17-24

I have been active elsewhere as a Super Moderator of a forum LINK where I can post the politics I favor there rather than here as there is no one but three people posting anything here thus planning to delete the politics blocks while I retain a couple parts of it into a new section otherwise the forum will be dominantly about science and climate from now on.

The following to be saved for the new forum format:

Earth Category and all of its forum blocks.

General Topics forums but delete Jan6/videos and Quotes but save Ruari's poetry.

Health and Lifestyle forums

Will shut down Forum stats immediately while the other changes will be done soon including deleting ALL members who never posted here.

Forum Registration will be CLOSED soon.