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The LWIR Puzzle: Experiments with MODTRAN - Sunsettommy - 03-17-23

Watts Up With That?

The LWIR Puzzle: Experiments with MODTRAN

Kevin Kilty

March 17, 2023


Much ink is spilled on this site, both in the articles themselves and in the threads that follow, on CO2 and its impact on long wave infrared radiation (LWIR). As a site visited by many skeptics of the CO2/global warming nexus, the bulk of these arguments seek to exonerate CO2 as a cause of a warming climate.

One common theme is that the relatively small effect a doubling of CO2 has on LWIR at the top of atmosphere (TOA) seems too small to produce the much larger effect needed for a 3K warming at the surface. Several articles from last summer called into question the claims of the IPCC versus the Stefan-Boltzmann law;[1][2] and many comments reflect this sentiment also. There appears to be a common misconception that was initiated and is perpetuated to the present time by the climate research community themselves. Let’s examine the problem of infrared transport in the atmosphere through some simple modeling. Some of these results may surprise folks.



More indications that CO2 is a negligible plater in the heat budget.

RE: The LWIR Puzzle: Experiments with MODTRAN - Billy_Bob - 03-18-23

When you look at our oceans and then realize that all of the energy emitted from CO2 is in bands that never penetrate our ocean's surface layer you will find that the effect of the gas is greatly exaggerated by the modeling.  This goes to the old mantra "Garbage in = Garbage out".  IF you do not know what it is that your modeling, use assumptions, you will get it wrong.

Just the range they obtained, in outcomes, tells me things are not right with the inputs.

RE: The LWIR Puzzle: Experiments with MODTRAN - Sunsettommy - 03-18-23

Their Pseudoscience crap is STOOOOPID!!!

So easily exposed as garbage yet many mainly democrats/leftists are easily swooned over the bogus AGW conjecture.

You saw how small the numbers were in the article and elsewhere for CO2 that doesn't even absorb more than around 6% of the entire IR bandwidth in the first place and that the main Terrestrial IR outflow is mostly outside of the main but very small CO2 14.77 area.